Hi, I’m Raj.

I’m a general management leader based in Silicon Valley, working at the intersection of Internet and Cloud infrastructure and platform business models.

GENERALIST: Accomplished general management leader with extensive sales, operational, finance and organizational leadership experience.
VALUE CREATION: Demonstrated experience in scaling organizations and businesses with durable competitive advantage to multi-year profitable growth; 7X growth to $1.5B over a decade.
GLOBAL: Skilled in leading and collaborating with globally diverse teams (200+ people) across cultures, multiple regions (AP, EMEA and AMER) and more than two dozen countries.
ENTREPRENEURIAL: An optimist who thrives on both managing and leading change across technology shifts, mergers & acquisitions and digital transformation of organizations
SKILLS: First principles thinker, analytical, data and facts driven, scientific and engineering background with strong critical thinking ability. Consistent feedback from people on my creative abilities in finding solutions.
INTERESTS: Diverse and varied across many domains (finance, investment, history, sales, science, technology, humor, philosophy, travel, culture) that provides me perspective in being an effective leader

Specialties: Strategy Development and Execution, Sales & go-to-market (GTM) Leadership, Sales & Marketing Strategy, Revenue Growth, Margin Expansion, Platform Business Models, Creating and Sustaining Competitive Advantage, Business Development, Driving Organizational Consistency, Coaching, Complex Negotiations, Business Analytics, Cloud Infrastructure Strategy, Blockchain, Machine Learning, APIs